Hi everyone!

I’m very slowly building up a FREE Sales Academy. I want it to be free, because I genuinely do want to help as many fellow salespeople / Entrepreneur’s as I can.

Here are two guides that I have created:

Social Selling Guide

How exactly do you sell on Social Media. In my opinion, it boils down to building relationships and staying consistent. This guide will outline how I do that; and how (touch wood) so far, it has worked. Guide is a website that allows you to offer consulting calls, and get paid! Basically, you get to help people, and get paid at the same time… what’s not to love! This guide takes you through the entire process of creating the account to promoting it.

Also, if there is something you need help with, i’m always trying to think up new Guide ideas that I think will help people. Let me know if you think a specific guide will help you: