Comparing yourself to others on Social Media

Hey everyone,

How are you?

I genuinely mean that, how are YOU?

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others often? Can I tell you something… I do the same thing. The guy / girl you compare yourself to does the same thing. The people they compare themselves to, probably do it as well.

Do you feel like Social Media is at times awesome, but other times, awful? How often do you use Social Media to start genuine conversations with your “friends”? How often do you use Social Media because you’re bored, and it’s a way to kill time? How often do you use Social Media to see what that girl from school is doing now? Do you ever get depressed if she looks like she’s living a fantastic life –

“ANOTHER HOLIDAY!?! How is she going on ANOTHER holiday!?! I swear she only went on one last week! And how can she afford to go to the Caribbean and I can’t even afford to go to the Cinema?”

That girl from school isn’t going to take a picture of the loan repayment receipt for the holidays is she? Why on earth would she share that.

That guy on Instagram who has the six pack… he’s not going to take a picture of himself frowning in the mirror because where you see a six pack, he see’s fat, is he?

The businessman in the suit on LinkedIN isn’t going to take a picture of his empty apartment…  Empty because his wife left him because he worked too much. He might take a picture of his Ferrari though; because successful people drive Ferrari’s and he’s a “success”.

“Social Media Life” is not real, guys. It’s the perfectly timed, edited shot of a brief moment.

The more you compare yourself to those images, the more you’re going to feel miserable. It’s just not reality. People only share the good bits.

Hands up if you have at least 5 ways to connect with people on your phone? Now keep your hands up if you feel lonely a lot of the time because you don’t feel like you’re really “connected” with people? I’m going to guess that a lot of you still have your hands up.

Also, keep your hands up, if you sometimes feel pressure to maintain a certain “image”? Whether that be slim, successful or happy, it’s like we’ve picked our character and we work to maintain that image, right? You take a picture of yourself in a nice dress, you get 150 likes so you take another one…

Do you feel a bit depressed if you don’t get 150 likes again? Do you feel like perhaps you don’t look as good in that photo, or perhaps you didn’t edit it right?

Now ask yourself, who are those 150 people? Do they actually mean anything to you?

Not really, do they?

So why do you stress so much about whether or not they liked your picture?

Put down your phone for a bit, and ask yourself this:

If you genuinely didn’t care what people thought of you; what would you be doing?