When is the right time?

When is the right time?

Hey guys,

I hope you’re having a phenomenal day so far. It’s Spring, eh? Doesn’t bloody feel like it! It’s freezing. And the folks up in Ottawa are getting snow – poor sods.

Firstly, i’d like to take the time to acknowledge both Brussels and Rob Ford. I’ll start with Rob.

Whether you love the man, or hate the man; he loved the City of Toronto and after having spoken to him on one brief occasion, really was trying to do his best. The key word in that sentence being “his”. The guy had his demons; and to be honest, has paid the ultimate price for them – dead at 46. Whatever your thoughts were on him as a politician; let the man rest in piece.

Secondly, Brussels. I would just like to say that the men that committed that horrendous act of terrorism today may say they’re doing it to “fight the muslim cause”, but I can assure you; they’re not. I know a number of Muslims; who are the kindest, most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. The men, and the men that gave them their orders, are cowardly scum that are fighting to further their misguided message; not that of the Muslim population as a whole.

And now to the point of my post; when is the right time?

Pretty much everyone that reads this blog will know that i’m on a weight loss journey right now; it’s pretty hard to miss. Most of you won’t know that my mum has not “seen” me for a number of years. By seen; I literally mean seen – I have not flown home; I have not sent pictures nor have I gone on camera anytime we spoke on Skype.

I was embarrassed for having let myself go as much as I did. I didn’t love myself. I’ll never forget; I was speaking to an old colleague; and she had a friend that I literally stared at and was like “Wow!”. My old colleague said that she’d put in a good word for me but I knew, I was not the boy that girl would want.

Why? I was very insecure, self depreciating, angry (at the world, although it transpires I was mainly angry at myself); honestly, just not a good guy to be around.

Well; last week I weighed 200lbs for the first time in 3 years! If all goes to plan at WeightWatchers this week; i’ll be in the 190’s… trust me; i’m working pretty hard to make sure I get there.

Yesterday was the first time; in a VERY long time that I sent a picture of myself to my mom.

I know some people will not comprehend the importance of that sentence. Imagine not sending your mom a picture of yourself; or putting a picture of yourself up online (not including 2 very well shot images) for over several years.


Sending my mom a pic of myself was a big step. It really was. It was the right time.

When I worked at my previous job; I had to take a picture for my business card… I called in sick. It actually became a thing. Can you believe that? I called in sick, and ignored 2 emails; just to try and not get my picture taken. No wonder I lost the job; they were probably wondering what the hell I was playing at.

I think I took 2 pictures with my ex. I also rarely got undressed in front of her. It’s a wonder she didn’t leave me sooner! She’s a trooper for making it 7 months.

There comes a point when you have to ask yourself; when is the right time to make a change? The time is now.


Ps. Check out this awesome post from Shannon Kirwin about setting goals and making changes: http://www.makeitsing.ca/setting-goals-laying-plans/

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