Take a chance, you never know!

Take a chance, you never know!

Hey guys,

Just a quick post today!

When I was about 15 I had a part-time job at a shop and there was a girl that worked there who I had a massive crush on. I used to make excuses to go to the stock room, just so I could talk to her for a bit.

Well, I never asked her out. I always thought she was the most beautiful girl i’d ever seen and basically didn’t think I stood a chance.

We got chatting today.

We ended up talking about how we used to work together, and I jokingly said that she was my crush. GUESS WHAT SHE SAID? “That’s so funny; you were mine as well! I used to wonder if you’d ever actually ask me out because you always used to talk!”


You guys don’t understand. I used to stare at this girl like a lovesick puppy. And it turns out she liked me as well.

So my very quick post today guys is take a chance. So many of us are scared of being rejected but what’s the worst that can happen? And if she says yes; think of all the awesome things that can happen!

That’s all folks, have a phenomenal day!