The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma Review

Hello Everyone!monk

Do you remember a few weeks ago I told you I read the book Buddha by Deepak Chopra; well I guess you could say this read was influenced by that, and to put it simply, it’s a fantastic book!

It tells the story of Julien, a hotshot lawyer that had a stroke, and was told by the doctor that he either gave up his career, or gave up his life. The story is told by John, another Lawyer who get’s a knock on the door, 3 years after Julien upped and left for India. What follows is John’s account of that evening, and everything that Julien had to say.

Obviously this book is fiction, and well written fiction at that, but it goes a lot deeper than your average novel. It tells the story of a man who thought a Ferrari, dates with models and a hefty bank balance meant that he had succeeded at living a “rich” life, who realized, that actually, material possessions are not going to make you happy!

What is cute (and of course I won’t tell you what happens), but when Julien admits at the end of the evening (the book) why he chose to spend so many evenings in the office, and why it’s not too late for John to make the same mistake – brought a tear to my eye!

Obviously this book is heavily sprinkled with Buddhist ideas, so if you’re someone that doesn’t believe in the idea of ‘enlightened living’ don’t bother picking it up; but it is a good book for either someone that has lost their way or someone that wants a good, motivational read.

Well worth walking to the library for!

Have a great day,